Customised industrial webbing products and solutions

Webbing, cords and related processed products for demanding technical applications

Finn-Nauha Oy specialises in the industrial manufacture of technical webbing, cords and braiding.

Finn-Nauha products are designed and manufactured in Finland.

Our products are designed for demanding applications, such as reinforcement, conducting, insulation, high and/or low temperatures and for uses that require good chemical resistance.


We also manufacture webbing and cords equipped with infrared features for military and security use.

Established in 1948, Finn-Nauha is a Finnish family business that combines decades of experience of weaving and braiding techniques, product structures and weaves with its solid knowledge of modern high-tech fibres and threads.


Thanks to our long history, we are experts in both traditional and modern materials. We work in close cooperation with our customers, material suppliers and universities. We can find solutions for demanding product development challenges.

Our production also includes an extensive range of traditional webbing, cords and braiding for the sewing industry, also available in elastic form.

Consumers are familiar with our Stretch Plus and Snap Original reflectors. After all, our Original Stretch reflectors have been on the market for 30 years now.


customised products and solutions

Our customised products are designed for a diverse range of applications; they may act as a component in an end product or form an important product in themselves.n.

Webbing for the sewing industry

Our webbing and braiding are made from PES, PA, PP and CO fibres, among others.

Our extensive range includes webbing used in the sewing industry to manufacture products such as clothes, hats, bags, shoes and furnishings.

Consumer products and promotional gifts

Stretch Plus and Snap Original reflectors

Consumers are familiar with our reflectors. After all, our original elastic reflectors have been on the market for 30 years now.

Finn-Nauha`s history

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